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Breaking the following rules will get banned without warning.

  • No third party tools such as aimbot, no recoil or wallhack.
  • No skins.

Breaking the following rules will get you kicked or banned on repeated abuse.

  • No teamnading (grenade & switch).
  • No hard glitching. (Example images)

Breaking the following rules will get you muted for 72 hours.

  • Be respectful towards other players.
  • Only english in chat.
  • Do not spam in chat.

How do I connect?

Start Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare.
Make sure you have the console enabled, (Options -> Game options).
Press § OR ~ depending on your keyboard layout to open the console.
Remove any possible characters (like §) from the console prompt.
Type “connect” and press ENTER.

Why do I lag?

You have Punkbuster installed. Disable it (Options -> Multiplayer options) and restart call of duty.
Your connection is bad, try closing all other programs that might use any bandwidth.

Why can't I connect?

You are banned - Even if you haven't cheated someone near you might been, forcing us to ban large ranges due to dynamic IPs.
You are running the wrong version. Current version is 1.7.
Your ping is too high.

How do I become a Call of Duty admin?

If we are in need of additional admins we will contact you.

Perks & Attachments

You are free to use any combination of perks and attachments that you want but the ones listed below are disabled and will be removed upon spawning.

Last stand
3x frag grenade
3x special grenade
Grenade launcher


All servers are running version 1.7, you can download the required patches below.

CoD4MW-1.6-1.7-PatchSetup.exe38.1 MB
CoD4MW-1.6-PatchSetup.exe282.2 MB

Current Admins